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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  May 23, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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3 it's your last chance to win! 3 doolar royal armssgas 3 he bllmed doonttwn viollncc pn black youtt mobs..oowcivii - rights leaders aae demanding thh one tting thhy seem o aaree on hough. 3 pe was etained ii the piiappearrncc of a arylann poman gary piordano is underrarrest.the charges he''sffcing.. nd it has nothing to do with the missing woman. 3 (1102:10) (archive pkg) "i've got uns, bullets, lots 3 pullets...." 3 and... gettiig ready for doomsday. why ordinaryy 3 3 3 poday is
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3 weenesday, ay 23. 3 p mapssreennpring
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3 2955@695fiber-95895map &p a eeate ovvr race relations and crrme preventionnheats up in started when &ooe lawmaker caaled for the & quoteeblack youtt obs to be -3 more controlleddbyypollcc.nnw, some coomunity leaders are
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ddmanding an aaology.megan gilliland is heee with more on the solltion they're fighting 3pood morning pptricethere's a lot of arguing going on... mmiistees and civil rights leaders are very upset iit delegaat ppt mcdonough's comments... they feel they - beyond the thh ar of words... it seems there is some ccmmon ground. &pground.everyone antt to makk the inner harborrsafer for you -3& and yourrfamiiies to enjoy. -3 minisstrr and ivvi rrghtss - leaders are meetinn with tte -3 nation offislam and the guarriaa angels aaout poliiing & this area.meantime, police arr & cameras.they're lso adding 50 innnr harborrthursdays through sundays. despite arguments... to tap busiinssmen nddclergy leadeer to talk abbut solutions to violenne. 3 "i'm ttying to light up a firestormm but a beacon of truth so that these pooiticans -3 wwll stop ennaging in perssnal and raaial attacks and lets
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pet something done""why don'tt pou come taae a walk, let me letts have ome sooutiions we have a probbem in baltimore & ity, ww coomunity leaders and - join us heep uu" us"they're hoppng extraaeyes on the situation will help. &ppolice say the iicreased seeurity wwll include a recenn accdemy cllss... officerss usually assignee outside thh city centerr.. the cityys the heriff's departmmnt. & 33 theedepartment beefs up patrols very suumer... but -after seeing that videeoof the bbutal st. paaricks day weekend beating... they decided it eeded o starttnoww i'm megan gilliland, fox45 -3 morning news. 3 there are ompllints aboutt pnntter trouble spot for youth violence in ballimore.a disturbance in a patterson park neighborhhod led to this -33 call to 9-1-1 ovee the wwekknd..- phe park they are hittinn each
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-3 otter we iie acrosssthe street and we can see thhmm""- them."resiients say dozenn of young ppople were fighting at linwood and lombard treett on saturday, ut bb the time police arriied the ccowd hadd, olice are &ppefending tteir ressonss time. -3 but neighbors say yyuth viollnce in thht area is a - serrous problem. 3 "within the last 6 montts or so that i have noticed its park.... ann it jjst sarted & reccetlyy. there were somm residents thatt -3 were concern that the police &pdepartment not reportiig this incident orrunder reporting its simply not the case." case." 3 poliie also ssy they re awaar appearssto be an onnoiig &pproblem. 3 baltimore couuty police arrest a man....for claiminn to be a bbltimore countt police
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police saay31-year-old donald a badge aaound his neck.police ssy hurch mmggt have donn the same thinnghere in baltimore... and are aaking -&panyone who might have eecountereddhim o call 33 egyptians re voting tdaa and 3 presidential &pfollows the popplar uprissngg that knocked lonntime leader hosni mubaaak frommpower more than a year agooabout a dozen pandidates are running ii whht'' onsidered egypt's --3 ffrst free and fairr presidennial electionn i modern historyy.s mary ellle hookins explains... the ffont-runners include wo men -3&pwho served under mubarakk 33 nats -- protesterssgyptiins made their vooces heard in the streets -- n protests that sttrted early ear nd a 3 heardd t the polls.they wann to haveea real say in whooruns 3 timm in gypt's more than
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i am very excited and veryy optimistic, i believe the -3 electioos will ddeermine eggpt's desttny.there will be transpareecyy smooohness, good security, very gooo coverage for the securityy err good smoothnees, good transparency, very good coveragg for thh elections, but there will be unsatisfied peepll who we call the minnrity of rrjectors.tte rullnggmilitaryycouncil says iiternaaional grrups are being allowed to view the election first-hand.former u-s preeident jimmy carter'ss 33 dooeetii observers, whooare tempprary, and the carter -- center, we are the major one -heee,,are limited to staying 3 don't like it but we'lll o he 3 to mmke a final report that's & positive.among the 3 candidates... foomer araa -3 league ecretary-general amree -3 moussa (ah-mer moose-aa)). a 3 brotherhood... anddthe last
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prime minister to sseve under ousted former prrsidenn hossi 3 reporting. -3 3 voting will continueeon thursday..f no one gets morr phan 50 percent of tte vote, a punoff election will take place n mid-june. mitt romney wins tuesday's g-o-p presidential primaries in kentucky and arkannas.the -3 presumptive repuulicann - nominee now headssto washington d-c.he will join & senator arco rubiootoday to address a gathering of pispanii small-business owners -3 at the latino coaaiiion could prooide a chance for romnee to find outthhw voters & feel about rubio as a possible vice presidential chhice. 33a verrict coull ome today... in the joon edwardsscorruution trral.the former preeidential paadidate is expected to learn his ate... from a nooth caroliia jury.the jury will have to decide whetherredwards violaaee ampaign financee laws... by unnelinggmoney to during hii campaign ffrrthe &p2008 democratii nomination.if -3 convicteddon all counts... he faces ppto 30 years in jaii.
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3 an airline passsnger who claimed tt haae an exxlooive device surgicalll implanned - pnside her sent fghter jets &pscrrabling tuesday. tueeday.two f-15 ffghter jetss escorted the u-s airways ppaaee 3 lanned safell.neaaly 2-hundred - people weee on the fllght from - you can imaaine the whole 3 ((they called for a doctor, ccme up aad thhn the docttr -3 plane. thee sse came up again, -went back to the back of the plane, the pilot wenn back with herr next thing wee new ttey were saying hey we're &pmaking a stoo and we were down &&pwithhi minutes..i meen, i''e been flying my whole llfe and - i've nevvr been ffom hat & altitude to landiiggthat & quickly.))((it wws just weird.. no oneereally knew what was - going on,,we thoughh ii was a & medical emerggncy, then they told us we were low on fuel because there were trong &ppeeddinds, tten as wwewerr landing, you couud sse all of pars.)))ccording to the
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chairmann f tte hoose homelaad -3 security committee... the was exxmined... and investigators saw no sign of pecent scars.sheeis being & taken foo a psyccological examination. 3 it's an item many oo us couuln't imagine our lives wiihout.eugene polley... & inventor of the remote control... has died..olley hadd a long carrer s an enginner mostly in the field oo television... earned 18 u-s &pcauses... at thh age of 96. 3 it's going to be aahot holiday weekend.... ssnding & many o the water for relief. p so it's the riggtttimm to pafety. joelld..smith is liie ii columbii withh that......lus the 3 thingssyoo need tooconsider before pwim lessonn. good mooning joel d. --33 3 -3 3
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3 3& the dangers of texting and ddiving..- priving." i saw the young man head doon and hh waa textingg -& next thing i knoww- he hitt us." 3 theeinjuries thii bikkr & sustainnd when he was hit by a teenagerrwho was texting.and &pwho lse he'ssssing... ooher ttan the person who was bhind the wheel. wheel. ((break 1))
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3&pwedding vennes ccn be expennive... but oneekansas couple ad a backdrop that - mmny others just can'tttop. just moments fterrssying &ptheir vows... a twister appeered just made for some mmmorrble wedding ppotos!thhecouule ssys those weddinggshots didd't &ppnly capturr theer speecal essence oo kannss.and inncase &&pmaae it out o-kk p3 ((2-shot toss to weathee))
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((ad lib meteorrlogist)) -3& 3 &p((traffic reporter ad libs)) papss,
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3& pelair 3&pgreenspring295 @695fiber-955955- map 3
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3 an uuprrcendented case!!- casee"it is as f you aree puttinggyour hands ver the eyes of the driver preventtng -3 ptat drrver ffom seeing aheaa of them.. thhm."whoothis coupll is - suing... nd why it's like no otter caseebefore it. ii.and later...the ffve ablee companies...offering free wi --&pfi ii certain "hot ssots"". if you''e already a custooer. 3 ((bump oot)) 3 ((break 2)) -
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3 p3&pthhre ave been mmny reports abouu the dangers of texting and drivingga couple who were pritically injjred in a crash &pby a driver who was textinn... arr now suing not just the 3 whoosent the ttxt.deborrh feeerick has more on this case & pnd how it may set a ppeceddnt. precedeet. & 3 p-rrpootee pkg-as ffolows -- the accidentthappened in new jersey alonggttis windiin 3ddvid and linda kubert were out for a suuday rive."i went around a curve and iisaw a pickkpptruck coming right for
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with is ellows steerrng his heed down and he was texxing-- &pnext thing i kkow - he hit lost a llg n the head onn collision.cell pphne reeords phow the driver 19-year old kyle bestt as textinn a girlfrrend shannon collnna virtually at theemomeet of imppcttii a potentially kuberts are suiig them both -- ssying the girllkkew her - friend wasslikely driviig home, especialll since the two 3 daa."if sannon colonna knew ttat kyle best was leavvng 33 p elieveeshh is juss s rrsponsible." althoughhnot phhsically in tte ccr, the colonna'' ttxtiig puttherrin the ccr lecttonically saying sheehelpeddtrigger the - diiastrous cash."ittis as if 3 over thh eyes of the driier 3 sseing ahead of ttem." kkle
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best pleaded guulty to careless riiingg failure tt stay in the lane nd iiproper use of a cell phooe. the couple is suing for an unspecified amoont in amages. ddring a deposition, colonna "mmy have known" her friend argues, the suit ssould bb dismissed because "aamessage sender" assno wwy to control whee, where or how a "message recciver" acts aftee the pessage s transmmtted.david bbtthis job and insurance pfter tte crrsh."it couud haae been prevented, it wassnot an rule friday hethhr tte kuberts can move forward nd sue oth texters, deborah feyerick, cnn, new ork. -----end-----cnn.scripp----- 3&pfivv of tte nation's biggest -&pcable proviiers are teaminn up to ggvv their customerssfree wi-fi accees 3 who the companies are...and why this won't interfere wwth -& your ell hooe ddta plans.plans.and llter....a nnw - jersey mother is in hot water - por leaving herrinfant
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twins pn thh baak of hee minivvn.. ttat's not all ...the scary eventtthat appenee, while the &ptwinsswere in the vehicle. & ((break 3)) -3 p, çia÷
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p, if you get your internet company, your accesssis about to becooeea lottmore mobile. &pplison osik explains wwere you ap into these "hot spots" ... for ree. - 3 & 3 p-reporter pkg--s folllws -- & five of the nation'ssbiggest & cable providers are teammng up -3 to give theer custooers free wi--f access when traveling outside of their home network. over the nexttfew monnhs, companies including comcaat, &cablevision nd timm warner -& cable ill open up theii commined 50-thouuand i-fi pteir competitoos' subssribers. the hotspots will ttrget high traffii areas, like beachee,, maalss custommrs of thh 5-providers will bb able to tappiito ny hotspotssat thesee llcaaions for free.say or example thaa you're a cox custommrr rom cceveland ut trrvel to philadelphia. you'll be able to use comcast's wi-fi -3 hhtspots in philly for free.too access the hhtspots, usees
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willllog on under the labell -3&p"cable-wi-fi". the reat thiig about thhse hotspots ii -3 phone's ddta plan to ssrf the - aaso a respoose by the phonee& carriers' -g netwwrks provide & broaaband-like access almmst eeerywhere, aad any ccutomers shows direetly to heir &pdevices - wwich means they &pdon't need traditional able & i'm alisonnkooikkin new yook. -3 -----end-----cnn.script----- you expect to ee in your yard! yard!wwere this huge snnke as &pfouud....aad tte type offsnaae -3 it'ssbelieved tt be. pe.hh bllmee owntown violencc -rights leaderssare demanding an pollgy from the lawmakkr. theeoneething they seem to -3 agree on though. 33 &p
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